Susan L Roberts BVMS CertVC MRCVS RCVS

Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Cardiology


Sue Roberts spent many years working in mixed and small animal practice in the north of England, during which time she developed a special interest in veterinary cardiology. She went on to achieve the postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology (Cert VC) from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in 2000, and attained RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Cardiology status in 2015. Sue set up SLR in 2001; the practice has a broad client base and maintains working links with a number of veterinary practices in the region, as well as providing heart testing services to specific breed clubs and organisations. Sue is a graduate of Glasgow University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Research and publications

Alongside her day to day referral practice, Sue has conducted further postgraduate studies under the supervision of Dr Jo Dukes McEwan (Professor of Cardiology at Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital), with a special focus on heart disease in donkeys. Following extensive clinical research and fieldwork at The Donkey Sanctuary, the renowned animal welfare charity, in 2016 she co-authored two leading papers on the subject that were published in The Veterinary Record, the official journal of the British Veterinary Association (see links below).

“Echocardiographic reference ranges for sedentary donkeys in the UK”

“Assessment of cardiovascular disease in the donkey: clinical, echocardiographic and pathological observations”

“Prevalence of cardiovascular disease in donkeys”, Dr. Annaliese Decloedt