Diagnostic Cardiology

Extended consultation (1-2 hours).

Auscultation and phonocardiography

Littman Master and Paediatric (used for cats) stethoscopes

ThinklabsOne Digital Stethoscope

Sound is amplified greater than a conventional stethoscope (particularly useful for lungs sounds and diastolic murmurs). Sound image (phonocardiograph) and ECG are recorded simultaneously on an iphone

CAT Doppler for cats.
Cardell Oscillometric Monitor for dogs.

ECG machines

Esaote P80 analogue does a 3 channel printout of up to 12 lead recordings.

Ambulatory ECG Recording

Reynolds Lifecard Digital Holter monitor


Ultrasound machine

Esaote MyLab Alpha with full echocardiography package including 2D, M mode, spectral and colourflow Doppler modalities, using a range of phased array probes from 2.5 – 10 MHz